Saturday, May 28, 2011

Confessions of a shopaholic: week 1

I admit that I have a bit of a shopping habit and I can go a little crazy at times (seriously, I need to find a cheaper hobby).
I am supposed to be sticking to a budget, so in an attempt at keeping myself honest I am going to use my blog as a weekly shopping confessional.
Firstly, the rules: my shopping budget is $150 per week and that includes everything except food (and wine) and other necessities and gifts.
So how did I go this week? I must say I am very glad I didn’t blow it in my first week… that would have made me look bad wouldn’t it.
I bought this little white birdie bangle holder for $15.
The bangles are from Oroton.
I bought this embellished black knit dress for $75 from Guess. It was on sale for 50% off.
And I spent $16 on these 2 prints from theloveshop on Etsy (I actually bought 4 prints, but the other 2 are a gift so they don’t count).
I really need to stop buying prints and posters. I have no idea where I am going to hang them all.
Running total: at the end of week 1 I am $44 under budget.

Nigella Lawson on sale

Nigella Lawson is on sale now at brandsExclusive and I am very tempted to buy these…
Above: Nigella Lawson bread bin in pink
Above: Nigella Lawson cake & cheese plate in black

…but I am going to exercise control and walk away.  How very unlike me.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Staying in

Harry is out with the boys tonight and I am staying in. I ordered dinner from the local Thai restaurant and now I’m lounging with a gin & tonic, So Frenchy So Chic on the TV and my laptop.

While catching up on my Google Reader subscriptions, I came across this minimal black & white home in Copenhagen on Jennys Hus. I especially love the idea of displaying shoes on an open staircase and the grey modular lounge.

Above images from Femina

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Colour feature: Pink

Pink is my favourite colour. It is one of the few colours in my wardrobe, to complement all my neutrals, and I have a few pink accessories in the kitchen too, like my baby pink Le Chausser French oven and my fuschia Nespresso coffee machine.

Pink is a colour fuelled with emotion and therefore a great choice to liven up an outfit or a room. It is passionate, nurturing, romantic, warm, friendly, feminine and uninhibited.

A splash of pink always draws my eye and always cheers me up.
Too much pink in an interior can be shocking, but I love it in small doses, especially when paired with a monotone mix of black, white and grey

Lighter pinks are calming and nurturing and a great choice for bedrooms, living areas and outdoor spaces.
See this post for how tiny pops of bright pinks can add warmth and energy to an otherwise cool room.
Add a little girliness to your home with these fun finds:
     1. Paul Smith Dot bowl from Scandinavian Design Center
     2. Dualit toaster from Peters of Kensington
     3. Ikat cushion from Fabricadabra
     4. JANSJÖ clamp spotlight from IKEA
     5. Retro refrigerator from SMEG
     6. Dandi Petal napkins from hardtofind.
     7. Live What You Love print from Heartfish Press on Etsy
     8. Alessi Gianni jar from Peters of Kensington
     9. Dew Drop vase from Dinosaur Designs
     10. KitchenAid Artisan mixer from Peters of Kensington
P.S. I really enjoy putting together these colour features, but they take quite a bit of time. Moving forward I am going to try to start doing at least one per month. Which colour should I do next?

Saturday, May 21, 2011

Heartfish Press typography prints

I just bought these two letterpress prints from Heartfish Press on Etsy.

I love typography prints and these two are extra special as they are letterpressed by hand using vintage wood type blocks.

I think I might hang the 'Smile' print near the front door... or perhaps I'll save it as a gift for when someone else needs a little cheering up.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

DIY heart garland

I discovered this pretty little DIY project on Pinterest and traced it back to grace and light.

I would really like to make one. Does anyone know where I can buy a big heart punch like the one pictured above?

My Etsy shop is back up

After more than 12 months of inactivity, I have finally opened my Etsy shop back up.

I only have 3 items listed at the moment (1 handmade and 2 vintage), but I hope to get some time to add more items over the weekend.
At the moment I have listed 1 of the 2 spare Missoni scarves made by my mum…

A 1950s toaster cover with a pink poodle design…

And a set of 1950s pink kitchen canisters…

Yes, the latter 2 items were purchased when I was going through this phase.
I think the ‘biscuits’ and ‘cakes’ canisters would be very cool as storage in a home office or studio space, don’t’ you? Of course, I suppose they could also be used to store actual biscuits and cakes.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

An alternative to painted art

I was scrolling through this home tour on Sköna Hem when I noticed the artwork above the sofa and thought to myself “that looks pretty cool, I wonder what it’s made of”.

A little more scrolling and I came to this close up.

It’s an interesting twist on the usual, using the empty paint tins instead of their contents to make a fun and colourful piece of art. I really like it.

I also love the living room with its Arne Jacobsen Egg chairs and the READ bookshelf by Jenny Ash Fors and Sofia Ehrengren.

For more images see here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

No more Kate Spade :(

It appears that Kate Spade no longer accepts Australian credit cards (even though the website says they do) and HopShopGo no longer forwards parcels from Kate Spade due to “brand manager’s rights”. That means I now have no way of ordering products from my favourite brand. :(
Why would they send me an invite to their current sample sale when they know I live in Australia and they will no longer let me order from their website… that’s just tormenting me!
I was hoping to purchase these:
I think the reason I can no longer order from Kate Spade is because they now have a couple of Australian stockists. I went to David Jones (apparently the largest stockist in Australia) today and every Kate Spade handbag in stock was black (boring) and they don’t stock any of the clothing or accessories range. This Kate Spade fan is not happy at all!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Saarinen’s perfect match?

I want a Saarinen table. I don’t know if I would choose the white marble top or the plain white top, but given that they both have a price tag in the thousands, I guess I’m not going to have to decide any time soon.
While I’m dreaming, I think I’ll pair it with a set of Eames chairs… perhaps the Eiffel chair in black…
Or the DCM chair in walnut…
What do you think? Are Saarinen and Eames a match made in heaven?
I certainly thought so… until I saw Saarinen with Bertoia…
And Bentwood…
Perhaps it’s a good thing that I can’t afford to buy any of them, because I’d have a tough time choosing my perfect match for Saarinen. Which is your favourite?

Sunday, May 15, 2011

My new Missoni scarf

I bought the Missoni Jenny fabric and my Mum made it into a little scarf for me.  I love it!  Thanks Mum!
She used my Coach scarf as a template and she did a fantastic job… this is the woman who designed and made her own wedding dress at 19 (and I still can’t sew on a button at 29).  There was actually enough fabric to make 3 scarves the same as this one, so I will be selling the other 2 in my Etsy shop soon.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage patio chair (9 May 2011)

I typed this post on Monday, but Blogger was down and I haven’t had a chance to post it since… it’s been a very busy week.
I made a little discovery on the way to work today. This vintage patio chair had been abandoned in our back lane.
My apologies for the bad photo, it was taken with my iPhone in our crowded hallway (note the stack of floorboards salvaged from the upstairs renovation, the termite damage in the skirting board and the pink dog toy)
It’s in pretty good condition (despite how bad it looks in my crappy photo above). A lot of the white paint has worn off and there is a far amount of surface rust, but with a little bit of rubbing back and a fresh coat of paint it should look pretty good. I’m thinking of buying some weatherproof foam to fit the seat and covering it in this plastic-coated black and white polka dot fabric from IKEA.
Above: Lialotta plastic-coated fabric from IKEA
Onto something a little more glamorous… I love the mix of black, white and metallics in these images found via this post on The Diversion Project.
Above images from the portfolio of Bryn Alexandra
P.S. It’s my birthday tomorrow.

Friday, May 6, 2011

A glamorous family home in Espergærde

There are so many things to love about this home in Espergærde, Denmark… the black kitchen, the white floors, the fabulous chairs in the dining room and study nook and the feature wall in the bedroom are my stand-outs.
Above images from Bolig Magsinet

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Accessorising by IKEA

After my last post and speaking of cool stuff from IKEA that isn’t available in Australia… this groovy little side table just popped up on the Livet Hemma site and I want it!
The colourful chunky necklace is part of this piece of furniture and the lid comes off to reveal hidden storage space.

It is called AGUST and is part of a new limited edition range available in Sweden.