Saturday, December 31, 2011

NYE 2011

I love living in Rozelle.  Sydney Harbour NYE 9.00pm fireworks as seen from our bedroom window.

A Swedish lakehouse

Check out the view from the back deck of this lakehouse for sale in Förängen, Sweden.
I would love to be sitting on that deck right now, taking in the peaceful surroundings, sipping cocktails and waiting to welcome the new year.
It is very much a traditional little lakehouse, complete with timber floors, walls and ceilings and the obligatory bunk beds.  But there is one striking difference.  Every wall in the open plan living/dining/kitchen area is covered in black and white striped wallpaper.
Above images from Booli
I love the little bit of drama the stripes add to this otherwise tranquil setting.  I could definitely see myself spending many relaxing weekends in this little lakehouse.  If only I had a spare $600,000 and Sweden wasn't so far away.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

It has started

Our bathroom/kitchen switch is finally underway.

My Dad started it off by smashing out a wall in the bathroom, both ceilings and the kitchen cupboards.

Then the builders came in and smashed out pretty much everything else.

So at the end of week one, we have progressed to dirt floors and rubble and it all looks a whole lot worse.  Let's hope it's looking a whole lot better at the end of week two.

Made me smile

It's been a really tough week, but this pink front door made me smile for a moment today.

Above image from The Design Files

It makes me wish I had painted the front of our house in white and grey, so that I could have a happy pink door too.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Le Tour Eiffel

I am at home sick today.  I have spent most of the day watching episodes of 'How I Met Your Mother', but I did achieve at least one other thing.  I found a new place to store all my brooches (and a big pink and red felt heart Christmas tree decoration).

My sister bought me the Eiffel Tower photo holder from Blue Illusion for Christmas last year (or was it the year before... how time flies).  I never intended to use it to store photos, but until now I hadn't made good use of it.

I love that it almost looks like a Christmas tree.  Given that we don't have the space to put ours up this year, it may have to suffice.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Our Parisian home

Two months from today we will be on a plane to Paris and a day later we will be dropping off our suitcases in our little Parisian home before heading out to explore the city’s sights.

We’ll be spending our first two months in Paris in this 20m2 studio in the 8th arrondissement.

Above images via Parisian Home
Isn’t it sweet?  It will be a huge change from our three bedroom semi in Sydney’s inner west.

There were so many rental options on Parisian Home, it was a little overwhelming.  Once we had narrowed it down to three studios, we decided to take a virtual tour of their surroundings via Google Maps Street View.

You can see below why we finally chose this particular studio (apart from the cute modern interior).

There is a wine bar just two doors down,...

...a bicycle share station right across the road,...

...a restaurant strip around the corner...

...and a fresh food market just a little further down the street.

It’s also only a few blocks from away from Champs-Élysées…

…and the Arc de Triomphe.

Above images via Google Maps

I can’t wait to drop off my suitcase and head out to order my first café crème.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Engagement party invitations

Wow, a whole month has passed since I last published a post on this blog. I suppose I have been super busy, but still…
Anyway, we finally crossed a big job off our to do list. The engagement party invitations are done.
Harry and I spent the weekend printing, cutting, folding, stamping, punching, tying and sticking and this was the end result.
I stole borrowed the idea for the origami heart invitations from Eat Drink ChicI changed the design slightly so that I could make bigger hearts out of an A4 page and so that the centre of the invitations wouldn’t have a fold down the middle, giving us more space to print the details.
We used linen paper in ivory from Cristina Re. The stamps on the front of the envelopes are from the ‘Love Mail’ collection from kikki.K and the stamps inside the invitation were bought on Etsy.
We wanted to print a sweet message on the front of the invitations, but the printer margins were making it difficult, so instead we decorated them with Japanese washi tape in three different Parisian designs.
Then we spent Sunday evening hand delivering them. They received lots of compliments and very confused faces trying to figure out how to open them (I guess my tiny little arrows weren’t obvious enough).
It was a big job, but we were very happy with the end result and you can tell a lot of time and love went into the making of these beauties. Thanks to Eat Drink Chic for the inspiration.
You might be wondering, why all the Parisian motifs. The font is small, but maybe you can make out the details in the third image above. That’s right, we’re moving to France… and these invitations were our announcement to our extended friends and family (those close to us have known for a little while). We’ll be living in France for up to 12 months and or engagement party will also be our bon voyage party.
P.S. Please excuse the photo quality. I couldn’t find the camera battery charger, so these were taken with Harry’s phone.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A little mishap

The sun stayed out again for most of the day and Harry and my dad replaced the other half of our roof today… with just one little mishap. 

Harry’s foot went through the ceiling in the bathroom. Luckily he didn’t fall right through and wasn’t hurt. The ceiling is rubbish and needs to be replaced anyway, I guess this will just save a little time when we get to the demolishing work later.

Weekday Carnival

This morning I discovered a new blog to follow. Weekday Carnival is the blog of a Finnish photographer, mother and creator of beautiful objects. Her photography is lovely and so is her home.
I was originally drawn to the blog by this photo via Pinterest.
I love the quirky mix of posters and postcards. I would love to get my hands on some of those colourful Pantone postcards.
Above images via this post on Weekday Carnival
Also, check out the Weekday Carnival shop for super cute jewellery, posters and other bits and pieces.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Proxy jewellery tree

I have been trying to find a practical and nice looking jewellery tree for a while, to store some of my most frequently worn accessories in one place.  I have not had any success, so today I bought a bamboo mug tree instead.

It was only $9.95 from Howard’s Storage World.   I like how the bamboo contrasts against my white wall and mostly black and silver jewellery.
Above: Kate Spade ‘Date Night’ ring, necklaces by Mimco and Kate Spade, bracelets by Oroton
Above: Naomi Murrell flower ring, Kate Spade heart ring, necklaces by Mimco and Kate Spade
Above: black heart necklace and white bow necklace both from Mimco, bracelets from Oroton
I still need to find a way to store some of my longer necklaces.  For now they are hanging on a belt hanger.  How do you store your necklaces?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

I like boring things…

It’s been a while since I shared a Swedish home tour. It’s the smaller details I love in this home… the Andy Warhol poster, the Eames rocker, the red bows on the otherwise black & white art, the Marimekko curtain…
Above images from Hemnet

Monday, October 10, 2011

A cute combo

I love this cute sofa and coffee table combo.

Above image from

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hello sunshine

I apologise in advance that there are no glamorous pictures in this post.
I am so excited, the sun stayed out for most of today and we managed to get half of the back roof done. Goodbye horrible rusty reddish brown corrugated roof and hello sleek new woodland grey colorbond steel.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Midnight in Paris

Tonight I watched an advanced screening of Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris. It was a nice romantic comedy and one I would recommend if that is your type of movie. Personally, what I loved most were the flashbacks to 1920s Paris and the gorgeous fashions of that time and the scenery which was amazing. I can’t wait to visit this beautiful city.

Above image by Felix Doaz via Pinterest

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Elkington Park

Harry and I took an extra leave day to make this 3-day long weekend into a 4-day long weekend. Due to bad weather for the past 3 days, our weekend didn’t quite go to plan and it wasn’t as productive as we’d hoped.
But the sun was shining today and we took advantage of it to get at least one thing ticked off our to do list. We rode our bikes around to every park on the Balmain peninsula and we have decided on a venue for our engagement party: Elkington Park in Balmain.
Above image from joemills2 via Flickr
When we first moved to Balmain around 3 ½ years ago we rented a house across the street from Elkington Park and I would take our dogs there for a walk every morning before work.
The views from the park are amazing…
Above image from joemills2 via Flickr
...but the main reason we chose it as our engagement party venue is the rotunda.
Above image by Kerrie via Flickr
I have seen many wedding ceremonies held in the little rotunda and the surrounding rose garden. I think it will be a lovely place to serve food and drinks and provide shelter from the harsh January sun.
We also designed our engagement party invitations over the weekend and bought all the supplies we need to make them. I won’t share them just yet, but watch this space.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Neon pink

I love this neon pink faux bedhead, which may be painted onto the wall or a decal, and the cushions from la cerise sur le gateau.

Above image from VT Wonen's Facebook page

Here's another image of the same room, but this one shows the width of the whole bed, giving us a better look at the bedhead and cushions.

Above image via Style Files from a VT Wonen blogger event
Those screen printed toile cushions are just gorgeous aren't they.  I have my own screen printed la cerise sur le gateau cushion, which I absolutely love (seen below with my little Rascal).